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Sun-Bird’s Mandarin Orange Chicken Seasoning is a North American favorite comes from Hunan origins with its original name translating to ‘dried orange peel chicken’. This quick and simple meal provides the sweet orange – chili sauce flavor for a truly authentic experience.

Sun-Bird’s Lo Mein Seasoning Mix is a simple, flavorful way to make this traditional Cantonese dish of soft noodles with stir-fried vegetables and protein in a savory brown sauce of ginger, garlic and soy flavors.

This Korean – Mexican fusion dish was made popular in the US as part of the 21st Century Street Food movement in Los Angeles. Traditional Korean flavors are served in easy to hold corn or flour tortillas. Beef is marinated and then quick stir fried in a traditional seasoning blend of soy, garlic, sugar and sesame flavors.

Sun-Bird’s Bulgogi flavored Korean Barbecue Seasoning Mix, adds smoky sweet flavors and a slight kick of heat to this well loved international favorite. Our version incorporates slow cooking the traditionally used cut of beef short ribs to provide a rich and hearty dish that’s simple to prepare.

A spicy blend with vegetables and classic curry flavoring.

A spicy blend with vegetables and Asian-style noodles.

A sweet, zesty sauce blended with vegetables and rice.

A sweet, tangy sauce blended with vegetables, pineapple and rice.

Light honey-sesame flavored sauce with pineapple, vegetables and rice.

Asian-style noodles blended with a sweet citrus sauce, hints of cilantro and vegetables.